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Why Do We Go to Space?

Why do we go to space? In the beginning of our space program, the answer had a lot to do with war and paranoia. But with the dawn of the space shuttle, that all changed. Where do we go from here?

Why Was The Apollo Program Cancelled?

NASA had plans to build a base on the moon. But a few years after the first landing on the moon the program ended with Apollo 17. The Apollo Program challenged our scientific capabilities. Apollo 17 was the last time man ventured past low Earth orbit. NASA is planning future missions to the moon again.

Asteroid Mining

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has predicted that the world’s first trillionaire will be an asteroid miner. Asteroids and the materials they’re made of have a dollar value large enough to disrupt Earth’s economies. Video by PBS Space Time

Pluto And Its Moons Documentary

This video from NOVA follows the New Horizons mission as it flys by Pluto. Did you know that Pluto is the only object in our solar system with a more complex geology than Earth. For example it has an underground ocean, evidence of ancient lakes, an atmosphere, and multiple moons.

How Do Spacecraft Navigate In Space?

In this video the principles that allow a spacecraft to navigate billions of miles of space over the course of years or decades is explained. The video contains images and footage from NASA, European Space Agency, and MIT.