30 Facts About The Human Body You May Not Know

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Summary of facts shown in the video:

  1. A tongue print is absolutely unique.
  2. A single hair can hold the weight of a hanging apple.
  3. The number of bacteria in a person’s mouth is equal to the number of people living on Earth, or even more.
  4. Nails that are soft and brittle, with no moon, could indicate an overactive thyroid.
  5. The speed of an incoming brain impulse is about 400 km/h.
  6. There are not just four different blood types as we used to think but in fact 29!
  7. Over the course of just one day, our blood ’runs’ the distance of 11,9999 miles (or 19,312 kilometers).
  8. Men also have glands that can produce milk, but its production represents an abnormality for the male body.
  9. A human makes approximately 20,000 breaths per day.
  10. Almost all people in the world have special mites on their eyelashes called Demodex.
  11. A human eye can distinguish up to 10 million different colors.
  12. Our ears keep on growing throughout our lives with almost unbelievable speed — a quarter of a millimeter per year!
  13. The heart beats 35 million times a year.
  14. Every day, the human body loses about one million skin cells — that amounts to 4,5 lbs. (or 2 kilos) every year.
  15. 1 square centimeter of your skin contains around a hundred pain sensors.
  16. This might be very surprising to some, but 26% of men also experience PMS.
  17. The average person consumes about 77,000 lbs. (or 35 tons) of food during his or her life.
  18. A human spends about five years of their life blinking.
  19. 100,000 chemical reactions occur every second in our brains.
  20. Women cry average 30 to 64 times a year, and men cry just 6 to 17 times.
  21. Smiling triggers 17 muscles of the face while crying activates 43.
  22. A man’s face preserves its youthful appearance a lot longer than a woman’s face does.
  23. The total length of all the nerves in the human body is 46 miles (or 75 km).
  24. Boys have fewer taste buds on the surface of their tongues than girls do.
  25. All human beings in the world began their existence as females.
  26. Men can discern far fewer shades of color than women can.
  27. Women blink twice as much as men. Also, women’s hearts beat faster than men’s.
  28. The speed of your sneeze is 100 miles per hour (or 140 km per hour).
  29. A feeling of thirst occurs when water loss is equal to 1% of your body weight. The loss of more than 5% can cause fainting, and more than 10% cause death from dehydration.
  30. The muscles which help your eyes to focus complete around 100,000 movements a day.
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