The Ten Biggest Vehicles Of All Time

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10. Bagger 293 -A massive earth mover
9. Nasa Crawler Transporter – The world’s biggest crawler-transporter
8. SPMT – ‘Self-Propelled Modular Transporters’
7. Caterpillar 797B – Caterpillar’s largest, highest capacity dump trucks
6. BelAZ 75710 – The world’s largest haul truck
5. Prelude FLNG – The world’s biggest offshore oil rig facility
4. Antonov an-225 Mriya – The world’s largest cargo plane
3. LeTourneau TC-497 Overland Train – The world’s longest off-road vehicle
2. Schwerer Gustav 800mm Rail Cannon – Used at the siege of Sevastopol in World War II
1. The Terex/Bucyrus RH400 – The world’s largest hydraulic excavator

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