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6 of the Heaviest Ancient Objects Ever Made

Ancient people built some of the most sophisticated structures of all time including the pyramids. Many large and seemly impossibly large and heavy objects were build more than 12,000 years ago. The civilization that constructed them appears to have spread all across the globe.

Why Do We Kiss?

Philematology is the study of kissing. But just why do people kiss? Interesting fact: Men are more likely to initiate kissing before sex. Women are more likely to initiate kissing after sex Resources to learn more about kissing:

25 Weird Science Facts

Twenty-five weird science facts you may not know. Did you know that 10% of Europeans are immune to the HIV virus? Or that Luna moths have no mouth? Or your tears contain natural painkillers? Or that sunflowers can be used to clean up nuclear waste? Or that the octopus has multiple brains? These are some

10 Incredible Archaeological Finds

This video contains some of the most important and bizarre findings about the history of Earth’s civilizations. 10. Roman Dodecahedra9. The Antikythera Mechanism8. The Dead Sea Scrolls7. The Voynich Manuscript6. Terracotta Warriors5. The Rosetta Stone4. Nebra Sky Disc3. Lead Books Found in Jordan2. The Library of Ashurbanipal1. Gobekli Tepe