10 Most Insane Elevators In The World

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Aqua Dom Elevator inside the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, Germany.

Bailong Elevator built onto the side of a cliff located in the People’s Republic of China.

Hammetschwand Elevator is the highest exterior elevator in Europe and is located in Switzerland.

Japanese Elevator Toilets – just in case you get stuck for an extended time in an elevator.

Falkirk Wheel in Scotland is an elevator for boats.

Cyclocable (bicycle lift) links the flat center of Trondheim, Norway with one of its residential areas.

Santa Justa Lift in the historical city of Lisbon, Portugal connects the lower streets of the Baxia with the higher Carmo Square.

The Gateway Arch located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is the tallest man-made structure in the western hemisphere. It was built a monument to the western expansion of the United States.

Lloyd’s Building in London, England has outside glass elevators. 

Nergio Emergency Evacuation Lift developed in Korea takes up zero space in a structure and is designed for fire escape in high rise buildings.

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